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 V. Other works by Pedro Duque      Cornejo


Pedro Duque Cornejo, Spanish Sculptor, 1678-1757

V. Other works by Pedro Duque Cornejo
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St. LeanderSt. Leander. Chapel of St. Leander, Seville Cathedral. Duque Cornejo and his son Enrique executed the sculptural images for the Chapel of St. Leander, the first chapel on the Gospel side of the entrance to the Cathedral of Seville, in 1733-34. St. Leander was archbishop of Seville in the sixth century; he is the patron saint of Seville.
Tabernacle of the high altarTabernacle of the high altar, San Ildefonso,Jaén. This is the only work other than the choir stalls during Duque Cornejo's Córdoba period that can be assigned with certainty to his authorship. It was completed and installed by José Cornejo after his father’s death.
High altarHigh altar (detail), Santa María de la Consolación, Umbrete. Umbrete was the location of the summer residence of the archbishops of Seville. The high altar and side altars of its church were executed to designs by Pedro Duque Cornejo by Felipe Fernández del Castillo.
Antigua GregorySt. Gregory of Elvira. Altarpiece of the Virgin de la Antigua, Granada Cathedral, 1717. The altarpiece of the Virgen de la Antigua is the earliest surviving example of Duque Cornejo’s work as a designer of retables. The central image of the Virgin is the most venerated in the cathedral, and according to tradition was given to the church in the fifteenth century by Isabel the Catholic. Gregory of Elvira was bishop of Elvira, an early community within or near the present city of Granada.
Gran MadreVirgen de la Gran Madre. Sagrado Corazón de Jesús,Seville. This polychrome wood sculpture of the Virgin and Child is characteristic of Duque Cornejo’s best figure sculpture, although its polychromy has been ineptly restored.
JosephSt. Joseph with the Christ Child. Church of the palace of San Telmo, Seville. Duque Cornejo made several contributions to the interior decorations of this building, most importantly the altars of St. Joseph and St. Anthony of Padua. The palace was built for the Universidad de Mareantes, a school for seamen--it is dedicated to St. Elmo (Erasmus), the patron saint of sailors.
MagdaleneSt. Mary Magdalene. Carthusian monastery (Cartuja),Granada. The attribution of this figure to Duque Cornejo is not supported by documentary evidence, but the close stylistic similarities to his other works during his period in Granada seem to affirm his authorship. In its expression of intense but not exaggerated religiosity, it is perhaps his finest figure sculpture.

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