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 IV. Choir Stalls, Cathedral of Córdoba

a.Introduction & general description
b.Tomb of Pedro Duque Cornejo, Cathedral of Córdoba
c.Bishop’s Throne
iii.Individual reliefs
d.Upper Stalls
ii.Views of the upper stalls
iii.Large medallions
iv.Small medallions
e.Lower Stalls
f.Seat Backs

Pedro Duque Cornejo, Spanish Sculptor, 1678-1757

d. Upper Stalls
     i. Introduction

The upper stalls, elevated on a stone platform, are for the seating of the canons of the cathedral. There are thirty on each side, with four at the west end and twenty-six along each long side. At each corner of the choir at this level is the standing figure of an Evangelist. Above, on the three enclosed sides of the choir, is a balustraded gallery for musicians; at the east end, this widens to provide for the consoles of the twin organs of the cathedral. The cove that supports the gallery is divided into sections by atlantes corresponding to the pilasters of the balustrade. Each stall is decorated by a large and a small medallion. The large medallions have subjects from the lives of Christ (on the Gospel side of the choir) and the Virgin Mary (on the Epistle side); the small medallions have Old Testament themes.


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