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 IV. Choir Stalls, Cathedral of Córdoba

a.Introduction & general description
b.Tomb of Pedro Duque Cornejo, Cathedral of Córdoba
c.Bishop’s Throne
iii.Individual reliefs
d.Upper Stalls
ii.Views of the upper stalls
iii.Large medallions
iv.Small medallions
e.Lower Stalls
f.Seat Backs

Pedro Duque Cornejo, Spanish Sculptor, 1678-1757

e. Lower Stalls
     ii. Reliefs
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AnastasioAnastasio (Anastasius). One of the first to confess to Christ at Córdoba, he was an ordained priest. He and his companions Felix and Digna were decapitated and their bodies hung from poles 14 June 853. The spandrels flanking the lower parts of the medallions of the lower stalls contain mainly vegetal or fanciful ornament, but in some cases there is a scene of a genre quality or suggesting a reference to a fable or proverb. In this relief, the scene seems to show a traveler riding on a donkey assaulted by a dwarfish-looking brigand. Such secular subjects were traditional in Spanish choir stalls.
DignaDigna. The nun Digna, after witnessing the martyrdom of Anastasio and Felix, voluntarily confessed to Christ and was beheaded the same day as they. After their bodies were hung from poles, they were burned and their ashes thrown into the River Guadalquivir. The relief in the spandrel of this medallion shows a fox, wolf, or dog with its front paws on what might be a cage, on top of which is a small owl.
EulogioEulogio (Eulogius). A priest and teacher in Córdoba, Eulogius became archbishop of Toledo in 858. He protected the virgin Leocritia, who had converted from Islam, but they were discovered, and he was whipped and decapitated in 859.
LeocriciaLeocricia (Lucretia of Murcia). Of a Muslim family, she was baptized as a child. She was protected by St.Eulogius, but was decapitated a few days after him in 859. According to Louis Réau, she was the patron saint of Lucrezia Borgia.
Leovigildo. A monk and a disciple of St. Eulogius, he was decapitated together with the monk Cristóbal in the public square of Córdoba 20 August 852.

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